Hunting Satellite Telemetry

There are lots of satellites being launched. A lot of them from univerities and amateur radio clubs. These projects don’t often have the big budget having ground stations all over the world. A fun activity for amateur radio satellite enthusiasts is to track these satellites and receive and decode the telemetry from them.



This is a fairly wide topic and this document will be expanded over time with information, but for now here are some interesting links to get you going



Twitter List of Satellite Telemetry Hunters

People actively decoding telemetry and posting results

PE0SAT Website

Lots of information regarding software and telemetry decoding

DK3WN Satblog

Lots of information regarding software and telemetry decoding.
Mike also develops various software for receiving and decoding
satellite signals.


A library with GNU Radio modules for decoding various different
Amateur Satellites by Daniel Estevez (EA4GPZ)


Lots of satellite information

SoundModem Website

Software Packet Radio TNC, used for decoding many satellite signals